This Italian artisanal brand of linen is a real favorite for Cleo C. Here linen, cotton, cotton satin, porcelain or leather, are printed by hand since 1920, with stamps carved in wood, according to ancestral gestures. Everything is done by hand at Bertozzi with time, in respect of ecology and custom, customizable to infinity...

Born in 1920, Bertozzi is first and foremost a family story. From decors to production, it is the authenticity and simplicity of Italian know-how that appeals to the French and international clientele.
The house uses craft and natural techniques to offer creations made entirely by hand. The colors are fixed thanks to the steam which ensures a maximum resistance to washing.

The success of the brand lies in the originality of the printing mode on different materials such as linen, cotton, porcelain or leather. Whether you are professional or private, we invite you to be seduced by these products that reflect the Italian way of life.

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Glant Textiles was founded by Gary Glant in 1976 in Seattle.
Gary grew up aware of design, art and fine materials and passed on these values to his son Adam, who joined the family team today.
Today, the collection has about 2,000 references and Glant Textiles is a must in terms of texture and color. Highly valued for their exceptional quality and spectacular range of contemporary and high-tech constructions, Glant textiles are found in the most sophisticated and beautifully designed international facilities, including homes, hotels, restaurants, private aircraft and yachts.

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These fabrics full of history dress up the greatest Parisian and international palaces, classic and contemporary interiors.
Lampas, velvet, brocade and silks are inspired by ancient documents, French or Italian.
In 2013, the brand launched its first wallpaper coordinated fabrics and made from old documents updated.
Originally founded in 1976 as an interior design company, Colony has enjoyed success thanks to its original style, attention and search for colors and materials. From 1980, the company has developed designs for home fabrics, refined and elegant, these motifs are inspired by French, Venetian, Piedmontese and Oriental interiors.
Colony, today in the most beautiful homes in the world, specializes in lampas, velvets, brocades, silk fabrics but also in art deco and timeless designs in the most recent collections. Our proposals for lampas, revive the French and Italian traditions with modern colors that are suitable for the decoration of prestigious premises. According to tradition, velvet designs are available in multicolored cut and looped yarns. The company is inspired by its historical drawing archives and reinterprets these drawings according to the times.

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Livio De Simone

Livio De Simone created his company in the 50s and became the icon of the Capri style, with his artisan approach to production and his love for vivid colors. The new generation continues honoring this legacy, making one-of-a-kind ceramics and printing on fine fabric using the same system Livio invented to create home décor with (as he would say) “brushes of joy in every possible color.”

The fabric is painted by hand with water-based stains all imperfections are due to the system of pictorial print craftsmanship. The printing technique makes particularly bright colors and durable. The shades are exclusively of their own creation, and every painting can be done in all possible colors.

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Pedroso & Osório

This beautiful Portuguese brand founded in 1978, which Cleo has been following for several years, offers generous collections, colorful and warm. who invite to travel. In an ethnic spirit, the collections combine floral prints with plain textures on natural and noble materials. Pedroso & Osório was established in 1978 to supply decorative fabrics on the Portuguese market to interior designers, shops and architects.

In addition to the ongoing international development of the Pedroso & Osório collections, a new brand: "Barbara Osório Fabrics" was launched in 2015.

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Taste, savoir vivre and quality of manufacture. KOHRO collections rely on their Italian cultural heritage to combine nature, art, design, craftsmanship, technology and quality service. Fabrics, furniture, linens, textile wall coverings and accessories create a refined and warm lifestyle. . All KOHRO products are made with the best raw materials and fabrics.

KOHRO has a real ability to create efficient, elegant and never ordinary solutions for interior design projects. The Group's historical textile archive - with more than 26,000 drawings - is also an unparalleled source of creativity and textile culture.

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Giardini Wallcoverings

Giardini Wallcoverings is a professional manufacturer of textile wall coverings. Thanks to the wide choice of precious fabrics, noble natural fibers and advanced technology used for production, Giardini Wallcoverings is positioned in the wall coverings sector, establishing a growing position in the niche of high-end luxury products 100% made in Italy.

Giardini Wallcoverings is today to be one of the leading manufacturers of jacquard wall coverings. Today the brand has managed to create innovative products, with an ever-present eye on textiles and technologies developed by the interior design and fashion industry such as satin silk and velvet.

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Jason D’Souza

Known for his distinctive signature style, Jason draws inspiration from his knowledge of traditional textile design and techniques with an innovative twist. His extensive range of luxurious fabrics cover a broad spectrum of styles from spectacular silks to contemporary linens.

Designed by Jason, each of these stocked collections have been created to provide an eclectic mix of innovative textures, patterns and colours. With exquisite attention to detail, these versatile ranges combine classic and contemporary inspiration with flamboyant and elegant styling. Often on a grand scale, his extensive range of indulgent fabrics have immense attention to detail, texture and pattern. Jason works closely with his carefully selected suppliers around the world, ensuring that the fastidious care applied during the design stage is not lost or diluted in production. Many of Jason’s fabrics have been used on luxury yachts, private jets, in five star hotels and high end residencies, and have found their way into the homes of some famous personalities as well as former Prime Ministers. Other prestigious projects have included the cruise liner Queen Mary II, a special silk velvet produced for Tom Ford’s seating for his catwalk shows and recently the lobby of London’s new landmark, The Shard.

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As a legendary American luxury brand, Scalamandré’s mission is to inspire interior designers with beautiful decorative textiles, wallcoverings, trimmings and furniture of the highest quality. Scalamandré’s commitment to the art and craftsmanship of its products has been the company’s hallmark, and its clear sense of integrity has produced a rich heritage of uncompromising quality and excellence.

Long a destination for connoisseurs of classic design, Scalamandré’s legacy began over eighty-five years ago when Franco Scalamandré began producing silk reproduction textiles for historic properties. For many decades, the Scalamandré weaving in New York City, manufactured the finest, most luxurious and exquisitely crafted mill, based fabrics, trimmings and wallpapers for the best-dressed interiors in America. Scalamandré continues to showcase its iconic designs today, as well as exciting new introductions that reflect the most current design and color trends in modern interiors.

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Hélène Blanche

Hélène Blanche's fabrics are inspired by details, travels or designers that inspire her. The sober colors and the quality are the adjectives that best describe this brand. We find the Danish style and clean design.

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Specializing in the design and manufacture of decorative elements in skin or natural fur, NORKI anticipates styles and trends, experiments and reinvents materials.
NORKI publishes each year new collections of carpets, throws, furniture or seats in real skins or furs and produces many tailor-made pieces for its private and professional customers.
The exclusive characters of its various productions thus bring a resolutely contemporary and innovative signature to the company.
Each of their pieces is unique: between intense colors and warm nuances, each rug, each cushion, each blanket is designed on the basis of rigorous specifications - a proactive approach for avant-garde productions that has won over Cleo C.

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