Cleo C is above all a history of decoration, upholstery, selected for projects, research, meetings and favorites ... by Cleo Carnelli, Romaine in the soul and Parisian for over 20 years.

She will make you discover her Italian art of living in her headquarters, 30 rue Jacob in Paris. After launching a showroom dedicated to Colony for several years, Cleo Carnelli creates its own shop, Cleo C, distributing major brands of fabrics such as Colony, Glant or Pedroso & Osorio.

This offer is further enriched by new brands such as Kohro, Livio Simone, Bertozzi, Scalamandré ... Cleo Carnelli then decides to open the Cleo C store in the same district of Saint-Germain des Prés, in front of his showroom, dedicated to finished products but also to projects, with the Bertozzi brand (at 23 rue Jacob).